Rainbow Trout GrilledFillets- Meal with Seasonal Side Dishes… $15.50
All served to your Group "Family Style" on a platter...

Hearty Servings- $18.50... Lite Servings- $11.50...

Attention Fishers!
Meals from your "freshly caught" Rainbow Trout too…
Cost of “your caught trout” plus $9.75
(“Hearty” serving- plus $10.50 & "Lite” servings- plus $7.00)

Tough to figure- Trust Us!

These meal prices will be about the same whether you catch the trout or the crew does! (Trout are at $7.75/lb. live wt... Our Typical serving os from about .75 lbs live wt). Let the Fish Cutters know how many meals you desire serving size/s... If you catch more fish than needed the Crew will cut, bag, ice & tag to take home...

Additional Menu items from the Bullfrog's "Net-Works"

Grilled Trout Sandwich with sides- $9.75
(From "tank trout only") Without sides- $8.75

Sm. Trout Spread Sandwich with sides- $9.75
(Farm Specialty) Without sides- $8.75

Buffalo Brats & Burgers with Side Dishes- $9.75
(From The Promise Farm) Without Sides- $8.75

Sleazy Cheese Sandwich... With Side Dishes- $9.00

(Available with & without Sleaze) Without side dish- $8.00  

Beverages, other appetizers & snacks available
@ the Bullfrog’s Beer and Beverage Garden

The Bullfrog Fish Farm is a good place to be...

                                     Just Follow the Yellow Fish Road!